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Kimdu Technologies

Kimdu Technologies designs and produces advanced technology products for the commercial, industrial, and military markets. Kimdu and Hades QMS are certified to AS9100D, ISO9001:2015.

In addition to our products and solutions shown, Kimdu Technologies offers expertise in the following fields:

  • Hi-Speed Digital Controllers

  • CPU-based Interfaces

  • Analog designs

  • Synchro Interfaces

  • Battery Switch Controllers

  • Electronic Safe & Arm Interfaces

  • Navigation Computers

  • GPS-based Systems

  • Course-Correction Systems

  • 19″ Rack-Mounted ATE Systems

  • Portable Test Equipment

Kimdu Image

HADES Manufacturing

Hades Manufacturing Corporation was opened in 1966 and acquired by Kimdu Technologies in 2017.

Products include: Fully isolated family of thermocouple signal conditioner amplifiers. Severe Airborne EMI environment version available: 200V(RMS)/Meter: Lab & Flight qualification tested and approved. Model No. NCA150.