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DC-DC Power Converters

Power Converters

Kimdu Technologies produces standard Mil-Std-704 compatible COTS DC/DC  modules and custom and semi-custom Power Distribution Units.

The standard DC/DC modules are rugged, high-efficiency power supplies for rugged applications. The power supply module is non-isolated and are offered with both single and multiple-output voltages. For isolated versions, contact Kimdu Sales,

The single-voltage module can be ordered with different output voltages such as 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. The product can also be ordered with non-standard output voltages.

Contact Kimdu Technologies for information. The modules operate over a temperature range of -40°c to +60°c. Contact the factory for extended temperatures.

For custom and semi-custom DC/DC module requirements, the electrical specifications along with mechanical size and shape can be easily modified to fit your requirement.


The Power Distribution Units can operate for DC, AC and Battery-backup power and can be designed to switch multiple outputs based on the source voltage or based on alternate output voltages as specified.   

Contact Kimdu about MIL-STD-1275 compliant power supplies.