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Protocol Converters

Protocol Converters

ASIU and GPCU Converters

Kimdu’s line of protocol converters offer unique combination of flexibility and a multitude of interfaces.

You are not limited to converting between only two interfaces such as ARINC 429 to RS-422 or Ethernet to Mil-Std-1553.

The ASIU can be programmed to convert between any number of interfaces simultaneously.

The ASIU-E can be programmed, for example, to receive RS-422 data, implement arithmetic operations on it and transmit the resultant data along with the state of discrete inputs over the ARINC-429 bus.

You can request of Kimdu to manipulate bits, bytes, words, and timing in order to meet you system’s requirements.

This allows the ASIU to operate transparently and autonomously in your system without the need for an external computer instructing the ASIU what to do in real time.

Once programmed, the ASIU implements all the conversion processes as defined.

In addition, you can have custom hardware added to the ASIU via an internal mezzanine card slot.

Interfaces already created for customers include 32 x discrete inputs (16 x 28v/Open and 16 x Ground/Open) and a multi-channel relay board that is controlled via data received over one of the communication buses.

Analog, digital, communication buses, standard or not, can be added by Kimdu. No other protocol converter offers such capabilities.

The ASIU contains a dedicated upload port which allows for firmware updates to be implemented in the field – at your location using a free “Loader” program that runs on a PC.

The following are examples of Protocol Conversion operations:

  • Ethernet to 1553

  • Ethernet to 429

  • Ethernet to 1553 & 429

  • Ethernet to RS-422

  • ARINC-429 to 1553

  • ARINC Converter

  • ARINC-825 Converter

  • RS-422 to Ethernet

  • 1553 Converter

  • 1553 to 429

  • Discrete to 429

  • Modbus to Ethernet

  • Modbus to RS-422

  • Torque Converter

  • Mil-Std-1553 Converters

  • ARINC to RS-422 to Ethernet

  • RS-422/232 to 1553

  • and more…………..

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