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Test Equipment

Rugged Portable Test Unit

The Kimdu PTU-100 Portable Test Unit is a rugged, hand-held device that can operate in the Test, Analyzer, and Monitor modes for the most widely used avionics data buses including ARINC-429, ARINC-575, ARINC-825 (Aero CAN), MIL-STD-1553, CAN, RS-422/232/485, and Ethernet. In addition, customized hardware can be installed.


Kimdu Technologies can supply completely automated combined-technology solutions for your ATE and STE requirements. Technology capabilities include Communications, Analog, Digital, Discretes, RF, Power and Pyrotechnics. In addition, customized hardware can be supplied in standard 19″ Rack formats or in rugged, portable, and transportable enclosures. Contact Kimdu with your requirement.

KIMDU test equipment

Three-Channel Synchro Angle Indicator Unit

The Kimdu AIU-100 is a three-channel Portable Synchro Angle Indicator Unit. The AIU-100 can operate with 90v or 11.8v synchro levels (26v or 115v Reference) which is selectable via a front-panel switch. A 4-line VFD display shows the angle for each of the three synchro channels. In addition, the AIU outputs the data in ASCII over RS-232, RS-422 and USB ports on the back panel.

The AIU-100 monitors the presence of the reference voltage and indicates a Loss of Reference (LOR) via a front-panel indicator lamp. The AIU-100 begins operation when power is applied and continuously updates both the front-panel display and the serial outputs. The unit is powered from 110~240vAC 50/60Hz.