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Design and Build Cost-Effective High Power ATE Test Systems

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Kimdu Technologies – Meeting Test Performance Requirements with Future Needs in Mind

  • Performing More Thorough Testing
  • Minimizing Capital Costs and Annual Operating Costs
  • Saving Annual Operating Costs
  • Maximizing System Reliability

The development of automated high performance test systems (ATE) is subject to performance specifications that must be demonstrated in tests. Test engineers are faced with the task of achieving the goals of maximizing test performance while minimizing cost combined with high test system reliability. The white paper examines what features test systems must have for ATE systems. The focus is on true autoranging, a built-in function generator, maximum power density, high efficiency, and energy recovery capability of power supplies and electronic loads. In this way, the white paper makes a significant contribution to meeting the test requirements for the development of highly efficient ATE systems.


Kimdu Source: EA Elektro-Automatik